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Chuo Koki’s declaration for attaining SDGs

Giving shape to
people’s “hopes”

As a group of human resources with an abundant variety of individuality who create new value, we will contribute to “sustainable manufacturing,”
by utilizing our planning, development and proposal-giving capabilities.

To become a 100-year-old company considerate to the environment and society,
while growing with our partners

In 2020, when we celebrated our 70th anniversary, we stated our management ethos, which is “a 100-year-old company that achieves sustainable growth together with our partners.” All companies should start from the philosophy and proceed toward their vision based on a plan. And, as we believed that a message cannot be conveyed unless we talk about it with our own words, we revised our ethos.

In accordance with the slogans upheld in our mission, “the trigger of innovation” and “contribution to society,” we aim for a 100-year-old company that will be needed in the future society as we continue with our technology innovation and keep growing with the passion to bring good products to everyone in our hearts.

There are a great number of companies that manufacture astonishingly precise products among Chuo Koki’s business partners. While assisting them in demonstrating such technologies to the world, we would like to share the changes and needs of the market with each other and forge ahead with initiatives for attaining SDGs with the hopes of our customers, business partners and employees as one.
Manabu Kurokawa Representative Director and President

Policies concerning initiatives toward
the achievement of SDGs

Creation of a workplace where individuals are respected,
view their work as meaningful and feel happy
  • Creation of a workplace where employees can work while being healthy in body and mind
Initiatives toward decarbonization and recycling-oriented society,
aiming for a sustainable planet
  • To provide commodities that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions during the manufacturing processes of our clients
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions in the company activities by 58% from fiscal 2021
To engage in planning and development
to create new value
  • Development of plans and products related to automation and streamlining
  • Development of products that will contribute to improving the working environments of our clients and business partners
Aiming for a sustainable planet, we are working on decarbonization,
building trustful relationships with cooperating companies,
and anticipating change to grow together.
  • To comply with laws and regulations and be fair and sincere
  • To elevate the reliability of our supply chain


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