Outline of Chuo Koki

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– Corporate nameChuo Koki Co., Ltd.
– Date of business start-upMarch 1946
– Date of incorporationDecember 1950
– Capital stock80,000,000 yen
– ExecutivesManabu Kurokawa, Representative Director and President

Hideki Onoda, Managing Director

Koji Egawa, Managing Director
– Business description
  • Manufacturing and sale of machine tools, precision measuring machines and equipment
  • Machinery and equipment installation, earthworks, construction, interior finishing, and plumbing businesses
  • All business incidental to the above
– Head office4-3 Takatsuji Town, Showa Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture 466-8511
– Tel052-889-1711 (main)
– Websitehttp://www.chuo-koki.co.jp/eng/
– Employees211(November 2023)
– Financing BanksTakiko Branch of MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Tokotori Branch of Aichi Bank
Atsuta Branch of Okazaki Shinkin Bank


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