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We will continue to support the future manufacturing
by providing value that exceeds customer expectations.

We have been providing advanced technologies to meet the needs of the times by constantly responding to the changes in the times. However, we are currently faced with the situation in which EVs and advanced technologies are being distributed at an accelerated pace for solving various social issues. The automobile industry is seeing a once-in-a-century transformation, and our business environment is changing significantly. In order to cope with such changes, we need to fulfill our roles as an enterprise that contributes to the realization of a sustainable society by following SDGs. In addition, in order to adapt to new technologies, including EVs, we need to develop innovative products and solutions by utilizing the Japanese manufacturing tradition and technology.

We have redefined our company as a “creative trading company,” and aim to not only provide products and services, but also create value demanded by our customers and society and help solve problems. Our management ethos “a 100-year-old company that achieves sustainable growth together with our partners” will never change, no matter how much business will change. In order to realize this ethos, we will forge ahead as a “creative trading company” that supports future manufacturing.
Manabu KurokawaRepresentative Director and President


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